Our Story

This started with us trying to find a solution to an obvious cosmetic problem.

We've owned a groom shop together for 6 years now and have worked together and been friends for many more years before that. 

 (signing the lease on our shop together in 2011)

We love working together and grooming dogs and cats and always want to do the best job possible and have everyone leave looking their best. 

Of course little imperfections show up on dogs, a wart that bleeds a little or a nail gets cut a little too short and every so often Jessica would complain out loud why isn't there a black powder yet? This looks horrible :( 

So after many years of Nikki hearing Jessica complain that no one invented a black powder yet she happened to be making a do it yourself face mask and at 10pm one night called Jessica and said HOW ABOUT CHARCOAL!

So the next day we tried it.

We were so excited about how great it looked, just adding the dark color to our normal powder. Then we were at a loss at how to make it ourselves.

Omg we need a scientist!
How do we do this? We thought we would need a team of chemists, then started label reading and decided to start from scratch.  We wanted to find a natural solution that was healthy for us to use daily.


So we started doing research and trying out different herbs and minerals. We wanted this to look good and help our pets, with ingredients that are healthy for us and them.

On busy days we figured out we cut hundreds of toenails. Of course every now and then one would be a little too short and would bleed. We never hurt any customers dogs on purpose but it's just a matter of numbers it happens a couple times a day!
It didn't take long to start eliminating things that didn't work and with even more research narrowing down on the ones we felt were most important.

We used it on ourselves, Our dogs and even our kids. Any time any owie showed up we ran to the scene and tried the mix!

Finally we got down to the batches that worked the best and then started tweaking the recipe. Some days we never got to try it.  Then some days we could a couple times.

The more we tried it at home on ourselves and kids the more we started to notice how much the herbs that had been used for healing for hundreds of years are actually helping!  And the little sores would disappear quicker and the irritation would go away sooner.

It felt nice putting it on ourselves and customers pets and our kids..


Someone in the house gets a scratch or even a Mosquito bite and it's what we immediately reached for!

At that point we felt confident in every ingredient. Everything was safe to eat  (perhaps a little spicy ;)) And we knew it was something we loved using ourselves!

So we filed for a provisional patent and hunted down containers made in the USA and found organic herbs shops that carried herbs sourced from reliable sources and went from there..
We wanted to provide a product that we wanted to use for ourselves and our pets that we could be proud of.

We mixed and packaged and messed around with labels and now we are happy to offer this to you

So now when you see a  little scab or wart or hotspot on a pet you can clean it off and then cover it up. .
And  feel good knowing that the ingredients are doing their job and the pet looks their best.

P.S. feel free to try it on yourself 

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