Black Gold is already so much more than we originally imagined. This is a place for people to tell us about there experiences with Black Gold. How it worked for them and there pets, and what else they may have used it for. If you would like to submit your testimonial please send us a message on facebook www.facebook.com/blackgoldpets or email us at info@blackgoldpets.com. Feel free to tell us about your experience, include pictures, and share the Black Gold story. #KnowYourIngredients #WhatsInYourPowder #BecauseTheyTrustUs 


"I tried this for the first time at work one of my fellow groomers has some, ITS AMAZING! I had to order some today. Will never use anything else. Thanks for making such an awesome product!"

- Jill Herrala-Merwin


"I’ve used this on my dogs a few times, this product is amazing! Works great, dogs don’t freak out after it’s applied."

- Trina Lopatka


"Black gold powder is great! My dog recently ripped his nail outside on our deck in the cold weather and was bleeding quite a bit. I used this powder with pressure on his nail for roughly a good minute and the bleeding stopped! Great product, especially being all natural and organic!"

- Mike Lopatka


"Works awesome on pets and humans. Everyone need this in your life."

- Andrianna Jovany Covarrubias


"Mousse had sores on his feet causing him to bleed and hurt. Prednisone has made his skin thin and hard to heal. After 8 days his feet are totally healed."

- Lisa Malone


"My Apollo has sensitive paws due to allergies and will lick them till they bleed. I used this product he stopped licking but what was surprising is it soothed spots where he had licked all the fur off. I will continue using great stuff. No need to keep applying."

- Helen Berg


"Absolutely love mine. Have used in dogs, cats, horses, chickens and even myself and my child's cuts and scrapes. Appreciate the working with IGA as well."

- Deana Mazurkiewicz


"Picked some up at PetQuest in Columbus and I LOVE it! One of THE BEST new products I've used. The bleeding stops immediately. I've used it on nails and a few nicks on ears! If you haven't tried it....ORDER it NOW!!! THANK YOU ladies!"

- Paula Pavlinic-Lane


"Sadly, I did not take a before pic of my dog Stella's infected bump. She had been on antibiotics twice and the vet said if it did not clear up there would need to be surgery. I took Stella in to have her nails done and the wonderful ladies at Canine Corner got me hooked on this powder. After using this it went away in days!!! She stopped licking it, as it had become a hot spot and also there was no raised bump, it was flat again. She hasn't bothered the spot since. I was told also that his will really help with acne scars, so I'm definitely going to try that out, because why not? This stuff is great and I'm so glad I take my dog to Canine Corner!!!"

- Lindsay Strejc Sosolis


"I love love love black gold powder! Great alternative to quick stop and all natural!"

- Ava Knight


"I used this on my poison ivy. wash blisters and smear on infected area .. Relief was almost immediate. keep reapplying as necessary. It definitely shortened my recovery time by at least half and brought relief to the itching."

- Jim Sauter


"We used black gold powder on our French bulldogs interdigital cysts and it worked so well! It cleared up all the cysts and helped her to feel better so much faster than with the medication our vet prescribed."

- Caycee Bloom Angelo


"Because there is no pain when applied, holding for 10 seconds is a nonissue. I have not had to reapply on any nail yet, it seems I always have to with the old styptic powder. Loving it !"

- Robin Allen Serrano


"I live in the UK and ordered 6 pots of Black Gold Powder from Samuel Nelson at Love Groomers. I used it in my salon on weeping warts etc and fell in love with it. But the main reason I love this product is

My 11 yr old mini Long Haired Dachshund had a ruptured anal gland. After several visits to the vet and no improvement I was getting fed up. I decided to clean out the rupture, my dog was less than impressed, once cleaned I applied a dab of Black Gold Powder. I did this twice a day for 3 days. My LHD didn't fuss or nibble at the rupture site once I had applied Black Gold and it was totally healed on day 3 no complications.

This is an excellent product. If you need a stockist in the U.K..... "
- Jennie Baldwin


"2 AMAZING Groomers that came up with this AMAZING product that this industry needed!!! How rewarding to know that you dreamed up and brought to life a product that is helping people and pets all over the world already!!! I wish you continued success and excited to watch you guys continue to grow. Like my Daddy always says good things happen to good people! Blessed to know you both!"

- Samuel Nelson


"I got a sample from LoveGroomers a couple months ago and I just used it yesterday when I nicked a dog, went to show my boss an hour later and I couldn’t find it! I ordered a black powder and the gold!"

- Haley Bennett


"Black Gold works wonders on both of my little beasts many scrapes! Aidan would like to keep it in his Boy Scout First Aid Kit...and not a bad idea!"

- Diana Hardison